From puff daddies to sugar daddies...

Father’s Day is just around the corner and with these 3 gifting suggestions we are pretty sure we’ve got all the paps, papas, daddas, babas, pops, grandpas and opas covered this year. 

 1) Handmade chess set + Salle Privée Discover box

For the player, the strategist, and the perfectionist: this is the weapon of choice. Not just a chess game, but also a true design object: a handcrafted piece that immediately catches the eye. 

To stimulate other senses too, we partnered up with our friends from Salle Privée* for this Father’s Day: with every chess set (grand) daddy or hubby gets a free Discover Box of €20, as an extra.

2) Life’s a beach!

For the beachcomber, the surfer (grand)dad and the sandcastle king: with the summer holidays coming up, we have created the perfect combination to own the beach together with his little one(s).

3) Personalised pillowcases for him

This one’s is for all the daddies in the world, from the crazy ones to the lazy ones and from the puff daddies to the sugar daddies: temporarily personalised pillowcases for free, with every duvet cover set.

The personalisation was a great success with (M)other’s Day, so why wouldn’t it work for the 19th of June too? Please note that the customisation takes time, so don’t wait too long with ordering!

 *SALLE PRIVÉE House of Design was co-founded by Mr. Patrick Munsters. Patrick was one of the owners of Scotch & Soda, the fashion brand that I had worked for for almost 13 years. As the main creative force within that company he has been a great inspiration in those years and also in the years after. Happy to collaborate with his latest luxury adventure.

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