B2B partnerships

Four Leaves offers specialised arrangements of high-quality bed linen, towels, and lifestyle products for hotels, interior designers, retail stores, and for corporate gifting occasions. 

Unique product

We make luxury items in 100% organic cotton. Fabrics are developed with the expertise of bed linen and towels and the eye of fashion.

All of our products are branded with four leaves, which are inspired by the flag of Sri Lanka and represent our four core values. Hidden quotes are added for more awareness of the importance of sleep and that ‘me-time’ moment in and around the shower.

Retail experience

We deliver high-end reusable packaging that allows customers to see and feel our products. We also offer SIS furniture design that is inspired by Tropical Modernism; interconnecting spaces and featuring natural materials, with the possibility to create a custom-made project for a dedicated area.


We can custom embroider your logo or personalise products with a name, initials, or a short sentence. Offering you a unique way to show appreciation for your most valued partners.

Client testimonials

"With Four Leaves the focus is all about sustainability, from the materials they select through their entire supply chain. With their social impact efforts supporting children in need, we can actually give back and sleep better.”

Mike Assmann, Co-owner Luckybird Interior and Come to your SENSES Boutique Hotel & Apartments

Give back, sleep better.

With every duvet cover set sold, we donate a sleeping bag to a Children's Home in Sri Lanka, for every towel set we provide a towel and with our handmade chess set comes a year of school.


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