Fabric Fetishists

Fabric Fetishists

It’s the look, it’s the colour,

the texture and the shine

It’s the crispness, or the softness, 

it’s structured or just fine

It’s about the first touch, the last touch 

and all the touches in between

We’ve got a fetish for the beautiful,

We've got a love for the obscene.

 “I just want that cotton sheet”

 This is what we hear quite often when clients are choosing between sateen and percale. Well, we have news for you guys ;-) Both qualities are made of 100% organic cotton! They are even made with the exact same superfine 300TC yarn…  

What sets them apart is the weave: if you love crisp, cool and a sophisticated matte finish, then you are the percale kind of girl or guy!

Cotton percale sheets have a one-over-one-under weave, just like your favourite classic shirt. Ideal for hot sleepers and warmer temperatures. 

If you like your sheets buttery smooth, comfy and with a luxurious sheen, then sateen is your thing! Cotton sateen sheets have a one-yarn-under, three-yarns-over weave which makes them naturally wrinkle-resistant. This is the choice for those icicles among us or for the colder days.

Never hesitate to contact us if you have questions about the fabrics. We’ll be happy to answer by email or give you a call, and explain it all!

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