Woke in 2021... 

Dear Reader, 

I've been awake a bit too much in 2021... and my bed linen wasn't to blame ;-)
Circumstances I used to take for granted moved me more than ever before, I didn't understand that we had taken certain conditions for normal for years and especially that I had let specific things take their course for a long time...
Furthermore, the polarization bother me and every once in a while I became discouraged when I thought about the steps we still had to take regarding sustainability.
Was this what was meant by being "woke" in 2021?

Now, during the holidays, I see a lot of positive vibes and love again. Close by, further away and even on the internet! Physically sharing that warmth is made very difficult though, by Corona and the measures, but it’s there and that is worth a lot.

Also business-wise it was a challenging year; the whole team had to work harder due to the global restrictions and delays caused by COVID-19. But... our Sri Lankan team was able to donate in between lockdowns, and over the next few weeks we will be making 200 donation sleeping bags a week, for a little catch up!

In addition, in 2022 we will be able to send almost 100 children to school thanks to the recently launched chessboard (and your support) and we will be launching new colours in sateen bed linen mid January. The first one will be released in limited edition: Bundala (pink with tonal pink leaves), named after the National Park in Sri Lanka where the Greater flamingo lives.

If you place an order before the end of the year, we will happily reserve your size..

And with code BUNDALA15 you will receive 15% discount on your duvet cover set, fitted sheet or pillowcase set, as a thank you for your pre-order.

Note to self: Let's sleep better and be positively “woke” in 2022.

Happy Holidays!

Shiran and team Four Leaves.