Our first donation trip

This time last week we were in Sri Lanka on the way to one of two children’s homes, to make our first EVER donation of in total 125 towels and sleeping bags. This was without doubt an emotional milestone, a remarkable experience made possible by your incredible and valuable support...Thank you!
Watch this video and share our first emotional moments.

Want to see more?

Don’t miss out, like and follow us on Instagram and Facebook where we’ll be sharing more photos and videos of our first donation trip in the next few weeks. I’m a guest on the Dutch television program ‘Tijd voor MAX’ on ‘Giving Tuesday’ where I’ve been given the opportunity to talk about Four Leaves and our first donation visit.
Tijd voor MAX
Tuesday 3 December
17:10 NPO 1

We don't do discounts, we donate double

Starting from today, Black Friday up to and including Giving Tuesday, we won’t be offering any discounts, instead we’ll double our donations. So, treat yourself or someone special to a luxury duvet cover set or towel set, and we’ll donate either two sleeping bags or two towels to children who need it most.