Give back, sleep better.

Dear Reader,
For every bed linen set sold, we donate a sleeping bag, for every towel set a towel. Last week that circle was complete...
Months before the launch of Four Leaves, a mutual friend connected me with Rebecca Bijker. In 2001 Rebecca and her family set up Home of Hope in Sri Lanka. In this Children’s Home 340 children, often severely damaged upon arrival, have found a safe and warm home over the past 20 years.
Our sleeping bag 
Rebecca and I only met in person once, but that was an extremely productive hour: the idea of ​​the sleeping bag was born (see below video), and she immediately introduced me to Community Concern, our current donation partner in Sri Lanka. I am still grateful to Rebecca for her input then and so are another 1,000 children today!

(Video by Bo van Veen) 

Family affair

Last week, after a mandatory 2-week quarantine in Sri Lanka, Rebecca brought 100 sleeping bags and 100 towels to her Home of Hope. In addition to the products, the older children were also shown the Four Leaves video for inspiration. In 2019 this mini documentary was made with great help from David Bijker - Rebecca's brother.

Click on the link if you like to see Rebecca's personal video message from Home of Hope. It's in Dutch though) 

Donate directly 
If you are not in need of bed linen or towels, but would like to support Home of Hope, you can donate directly through their website. I would also like to mention Somawathi Home in this context, another beautiful Children's Home in Sri Lanka that has been very helpful during the development of the sleeping bag and donation towel.

 It's such a good feeling that we were able to contribute to these happy faces and beautiful dreams all together. Have a nice Sunday!

Shiran en Four Leaves team. 

(All photos by Rebecca Bijker)