Happy Father's Day

Photography Liselore Chevalier for Vogue Living

Dear Reader, 

For Father's Day, I was interviewed by our friends at Mr. Starsky about finding the balance as a father, husband and entrepreneur. We chatted about family time and moments of rest, and about the stars. Logically the first question was about Father's Day...

Photography Presstigieux / Text Mr. Starsky

Mr. Starsky: It is almost Father’s Day. What does this day mean to you and how do you celebrate it?

For me Father’s Day is a day with two faces. First of all, I'm grateful for our children, but I also think about my father and my sister who are no longer with us, as well as Monique’s dad. Our children don't have a grandfather, which is why we definitely celebrate it, but in a small setting, just the four of us.

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This is also the week of two nice collaborations, with Dopper and NRC Handelsblad. Dopper has included our beach towel in their '7 tips for your most sustainable summer ever' and via their Instagram account and ours you can also win one XL beach towel (90 x 180 cm) this week.

Photography Ruben van Nimwegen / text NRC webshop

Due to a cotton crisis in addition to the Corona restrictions for production, the above collaboration with NRC webwinkel has been postponed several times since the start of 2021. This weekend it's finally out though:

When you order a satin duvet cover set at the NRC webwinkel, you will receive a 30% discount on the fitted sheet in the same quality.

Unfortunately, we are still unable to produce percale in organic cotton… we hope to be able to bring better news in the coming months.

 Happy Father's Day !

Shiran and Four Leaves team.