With summer holidays winding down, it's time for the kids to get back to their structured rhyme for a fresh new year of school.

Sleep directly impacts the well-being of everyone in the house, but the effect on the little ones is even more evident: a good night's rest makes them feel, play, think, and create so much better. Setting a consistent bedtime routine is important, and the same goes for optimising the bedrooms. High quality bed linen, for example, plays a part in helping kids get the best zzz's they need.

For this occasion, we're offering 20% off on all junior items (including all single size duvet cover sets) until the 5th of September. Use code CLASS22 at check-out.

Check out our Nayakakanda white duvet cover set with glow in the dark leaves or any of the other options in white, pink or green, that we offer for adults too. And then we have the smaller sizes (50x100cm) in bath towels as well, all in 100% organic cotton.

Let's get rolling again,

Shiran & team Four Leaves.

*With every duvet cover set sold, we donate a sleeping bag to a Children's Home in Sri Lanka, for every towel set we provide a towel. That's a good bedtime story too ;-)