Good morning! 
This year’s theme of World Sleep Day is “Quality Sleep, Sound Mind, Happy World”, which is the exact same approach of Four Leaves: our focus has always been on waking up re-charged and ready to rock, for that new day, for crazy sexy cool ideas… 
Did you already find that little embroidery on one of your pillowcases?

Today a ‘Sound mind’ is a challenge and a ‘Happy world’ almost a utopia, or - if I optimistically stick to the topic - a dream. Like most, I’m shocked and heartbroken about the recent events just 2.000 km from here, and I am confused about the numerous narratives and narrators... 

However, the future is something we create together and I have full confidence in the next generation of artists, explorers, scientists ánd politicians. It’s all about chasing dreams. 

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Have a fun Friday!

Shiran & team Four Leaves.