There is a first time for everything.

Dear reader, 

Some weeks ago, we shared a video of one of the visits to Children’s Homes, providing the towels and the sleeping bags and of the production of the donation items from our February trip. Today, we'd like to share a video of our first donation of ‘a year of schooling’ from that same trip, powered by everyone that bought our handmade chess set.

Thank you! 

From experiment to tangible result

Initially the handmade chess set was a passion project within our company; it was an interesting and fun experiment in both product and donation.

The positive reactions from clients and this specific day made more impact than expected though, also because of the current situation in Sri Lanka, which was starting to surface right at that moment.

80 full backpacks

A total of 80 children received a backpack each containing twelve notebooks, stationery and a voucher for a uniform, shoes and socks.

This first time, we started with the children of Community Concern Sri Lanka (video) and at Home of Hope (top image), and we aim to do many more in the coming year!  

Thrive in chaos

Despite a lack of raw materials, daily power cuts of more than 12 hours, protests, strikes and other irregularities, Mr. Dharmasena and our local team are making things happen in Sri Lanka! In the coming 2 weeks we expect to receive a new lot of handmade chess sets, thanks to their efforts.

Pre-order in the coming days and your unique set will ship in the first week of June.

Have a nice evening,

Shiran and team Four Leaves.