Next stop: Sri Lanka

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Dear reader,

While writing this, I’m on my way to Sri Lanka. After almost 2 years, I'm looking forward to meeting the team and finally participating in a donation round again. On this trip we will be handing out sleeping bags, towels and funding almost 100x 1 year of schooling. 

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It’s about more than just the products though: we want to give children something they really own. They can write their name and their dreams on a sleeping bag, for example. Towels are less personalized, but still, grabbing your own towel after taking a shower is, unfortunately, not the standard—despite the hygienic need for that. In most Children’s Homes basically everything is shared.

If you want to know more about our donation products or the program in general, check out our Give back page. Who knows, maybe the next sleeping bag we donate—thanks to your purchase of a duvet cover set—will be a child’s very first personal possession…

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On Valentine’s Day we declared our love for Dilmah Tea, with whom we will partner-up in 2022. If you want to know why we are inspired by this relatively young tea company from Sri Lanka, then check last week’s LinkedIn post. 

To celebrate the start of our partnership, we can offer you a discount of 20% in the Dilmah webshop. If you click on this link, the discount will be applied automatically. 

Yesterday we received the very first batch of Namal Uyana in 300TC sateen, a rich dark green base with contrasting pink leaves; one of my personal favorites. We totally forgot to announce this one, so until the coming Monday you can order a Namal Uyana duvet cover set or pillowcase set with 15% off. Use code NAMALUYANA15 at check-out.


Have a nice weekend!


Shiran & Team Four Leaves