Four Leaves turns 40!

Photography Ruben van Nimwegen

Good morning!

 A white morning in The Netherlands, the first white birthday I can remember as an adult and… it’s my 40th! 

On our 1-year anniversary last July, a good friend said: “Four Leaves actually is a bit older, in fact the whole story started at your birth, Shir.”

 And he was right, this company is more personal than I realized. Not just because of our donation component, but also in smaller things; one of our colour names is Nayakakanda White for example, referring to the convent where I was born…

Produced by Hello Love Amsterdam
Directed by Thomas Bowerbank

On my birthday, and as a token of our appreciation for subscribing to our newsletter, we would like to reward you with a 20% discount this week!(Unfortunately, 40% discount would be a bit too much… ;-)

Use code SHIRAN40 on the entire range of bed linen and towels, valid until coming Valentine's Day.

Photography Nine IJff

Please note that we might have little or no stock in a few of your favorites. That's a Corona thing, but we are working on it! Due to this temporarily uncertainty, we have turned off the pre-order function on our website. However, if you would like to place a pre-order, please email us at

 Have a nice week!

Shiran and Four Leaves team.