..., cause you only have one mother.

Last week the local florist said to my son: “Pick the most beautiful one, cause you only have one mother.” James looked at me, kind of proud, and answered: “Well, my father has two!”

From the moment I could understand it, my parents have been very open about me being adopted, so we have done the exact same with our children: “Daddy has two mommies; grandma and a Sri Lankan mommy…” Although I can only call one mother ‘Mom’ and she’s the only mother I can actually hug, having two feels like a privilege; both are responsible for where I am and who I am today. Both are at the base of Four Leaves. 

Coming Sunday it’s Mother’s Day, in The Netherlands and in Sri Lanka. A day for that extra hug (if possible), a bouquet of flowers or the famous breakfast in bed, and a day to remember the mothers and grandmothers that aren’t with us anymore.

If you want to spoil your mother with a beautiful bed linen or towel set, then we are happy to support you with that breakfast! Only in the coming days we will add a set of 6 luxury napkins (retail €29,95) to your present. *

Wish you a happy Mother's Day,

Shiran, founder.

*Valid on orders from €89,95. Due to COVID-19 restrictions we can only deliver in time, if an order is placed before the 7th of May. Pre-orders are excluded from this promotion.