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Dear Reader,

The latest addition to our range: a handmade chess set from Sri Lanka incl. the donation of 1 full year of school for an orphan in my country of birth.

And it’s a special one, probably even more of a design object than a chess game, although my son and I do play with it on a regular base. The wooden chess set in the photo above was bought by my parents when they adopted me in ‘81 and five years ago my mother gave it to us.

Festival of the Tooth

This special edition depicts the Esala Perahera, also known as The Festival of the Tooth. The Esala Perahera is Asia's largest traditional parade and takes place in Kandy, the former capital of Sri Lanka, every Summer. The knights in the game have been replaced by festively decorated elephants and there are a large number of other references to be found, if you carefully study the pieces one by one.

Pre-order before May 24th, 2021 and you will get your chess set in July, with a discount of 15%.

Mr. Athukorala

Today, the original chess set isn’t available anymore, perhaps due to the high level of labor, craft and painting required to produce the object. That is why we decided to source a craftsman in Sri Lanka who would be able, and willing, to produce this in its original way.

Based upon some pictures of my chess set Mr. Athukorala has worked passionately on the replicas in the past weeks... and the first 3 fantastic sets arrived yesterday! The detailing of the carving and in the paintwork are just stunning. The original design has been completely followed, with the exception of the color of the black squares; together we have chosen dark green as the alternative.

Donate 1 full year of school

And you don't just buy this chess set for yourself and your fellow players; for every purchase we donate one year of school to an orphan in Sri Lanka, including uniform, shoes, backpack and stationery.

If you are game, then click on the link to the temporary page for pre-orders and get this exclusive chess set with a discount of 15%!

All the best,

Shiran and Four Leaves team.