Bentota should be on your list

On the south west coast of Sri Lanka lays the small town of Bentota, traditionally a beloved destination for Colombo's elite to laze and de-stress. Amongst the lovers of this town were Sri Lanka’s famous Bawa Brothers.

Geoffrey, the youngest, was a renowned architect and the driving force behind tropical modernism. Bevis earned his own acclaim as a landscape architect. Both of their houses and gardens in the area are great inspiration for us.

In our collection Bentota refers to the defining colour of the town - from the plaster used, to the colour of sand on the beaches, and to the scattered tree trunks around.

Our 100% organic cotton Bentota beige bath towels in 600gsm and  low twist are extremely soft and absorbing, and branded with the four leaves in each corner. While the 300TC duvet cover sets and pillowcase sets are embroidered with Bentota beige details.  

If you are planning to go to Sri Lanka, we would strongly recommend to put Bentota on the list, and we are happy to share other tips too! 

With every duvet cover set sold, we donate a sleeping bag to a Children's Home in Sri Lanka, for every towel set we provide a towel.

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