Wake up with a smile...  

This is our new reality at best; waking up together with that extra bit of time on our hands.
Unfortunately, this is just part of the new reality. First of all, there is a constant concern about the vulnerable people around us and all over the world, a concern that even got to our children. Furthermore, like most households, we try to make things work both professionally and in the house, with creative solutions and flexible deadlines…
Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 virus and its immense impact on the economy, I see a silver lining: Contact with friends & family - although mainly through screens - seems to intensify, there is great support for professions that have been overlooked for years and people seem to realize that now is the moment to support local businesses.
And… is it just me, or does the quality of air in a city like Amsterdam, improve with the day?
Personally, I’m even more dedicated to make the Four Leaves mission a reality. A year ago, while preparing for our launch, we wrote:
‘We want to make people more aware of the effects that a good night rest and a shower have on your well-being by offering sustainable, high quality, products that improve sleep and bathing routines.’
The coming week we will update our website with images shot by ‘friend of the brand’ Nine IJff, highlighting the comfort of good bed linen and soft towels.   
 For now, I hope we all take this time to connect to ourselves and the ones close to us, that we care for everyone that needs it, support brands that we love, and most important; I hope you will wake up healthy and with a smile, every morning!
Shiran & Four Leaves team