Once upon a time we decided to give a sheet...


Our bed linen can be the start of a different bedtime story. This night-time ritual is an opportunity to explain to your little sleepyheads about the importance of a good night’s sleep, about how fortunate we are and about the meaning of ‘giving'.

With every purchase of a duvet set, you donate a sleeping bag to a Children’s home in Sri Lanka.

“Having been adopted from a Sri Lankan orphanage and now a father myself, I wanted to give back to children in my country of birth through Four Leaves.”
Four Leaves founder, Shiran Gort

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Magic leaves

On a lighter note, make bedtime fun and let your child curl up under our super soft bed linen with ‘glow in the dark’ leaves. Sorry mums and dads, this one is only for the kids.

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Sweet dreams,

Shiran and the Four Leaves team