Three packages for New Year's resolutions

Photography Ruben van Nimwegen

Hope you have enjoyed your holidays!

January is often a month of looking ahead and new beginnings. To support New Year’s resolutions we have created three special packages, only available in January: the Conscious Package, the Downtime Package and the Creativity Package.

If you spend €100 or more on bed linen or towels, you will get a scented candle of choice for free!


Are you longing for more consciousness this year?

We are with you! With our Refocus candle we like to inspire you to enjoy an extra moment of reflection after a day of work, in your home spa or just before you go to bed….

Select your favourite bed linen and/or towels for a mindful start of the year, add the free Refocus candle and use REFOCUS21 at check-out to receive your personal Conscious Package.


Is slowing down on your list of New Year’s resolutions?

We’ve got you covered! With our Unwind candle we are happy to add to a soothing ambiance in your bed- or bathroom for some serious downtime or mediation moments.  

Select your favourite bed linen and/or towels for new and peaceful beginnings, add the free Unwind candle and use code UNWIND21 at check-out. We will make sure your personal Downtime Package will be with you soon.


Is 2021 the year you want to turn your ideas into reality? We’ll get you going! Our Create candle will give you that extra kick making dreams come true, diffusing a positive energy wherever you are, whenever you need it.

Select your favourite bed linen and/or towels for a fruitful year, add the free Create candle and use code CREATE21 at check-out. Have fun with your personal Creativity package!

Happy new year,

Shiran and Four Leaves team.

Photography Sietske van't Hooft, styling Sharon Roest, location The Palamedes, Amsterdam.