Purpose must be profitable to be scalable



Dear Reader, 

It’s been a long time… but we’ve been busy ;-)

Mainly busy with the production of bed linen, towels and our chess board, but also with the development of new towels, new bed linen and an amazing bathrobe. We are on a roll!

But in today’s world rolling is quite challenging; the earlier mentioned crisis in organic cotton, shortages of production capacity due to Covid regulations, electricity bills that go up and sky- high transportation cost…

Even if we manage to get some space in the factories, the investments are actually out of proportion for a start-up like ours.

We do push forward though, because we have a mission, and our brand is growing; we are very proud of our new partnerships with sustainable platforms like Scoon.store in The Netherlands and Avocadostore in Germany. The latter is quite a big thing because every country has their own sizes in bed linen, which we had to produce before launching. But, like I said, we are on a roll, so the UK and France are next!

We also connected with Mr. Afdhel Aziz, co-founder of LA-based agency Conspiracy of Love and co-author of the book Good is the New Cool. The Principles of Purpose mentioned in that book came at the right moment for us. In the current environment, we decided we will have to increase the prices of our bed linen, simply because we need to survive in order fulfill our mission and ‘just moving boxes’ is not sustainable in that sense.

‘Purpose must be profitable to be scalable’ as Afdhel puts it.. 

As our loyal follower, or client, we want to give you a chance to still buy the bed linen at the current prices coming week, before 29/11/21, before we make the necessary steps… And if you do, don’t forget to use your code WELCOME10 for an extra 10% off, if you have not used it before.

In the coming month we hope to do another donation round, which we will share with you.

Have a nice weekend!

Shiran and team Four Leaves.