Our company

Four Leaves aims to contribute to physical, mental and social well-being. We have a fascination with products that improve sleep and bathing routines, soul-stretching moments that we often take for granted. The four Bodhi leaves on the flag of Sri Lanka are at the base of everything we do. Visually they appear in our branding. Spiritually, our own interpretations serve as the core values of our company:

Excel with friends

We aim to make a positive impact in the lives of others. To do so, we firmly believe in long term relationships with like-minded companions and in creating sustainable solutions together.


Empower Children

We care about people who are less fortunate than others, with a special focus on children. By creating awareness of conditions that are essential to a person's well-being, we want to help clear a path for children that do not have access to these basic needs. 

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Respect our Globe

Our meaning of happiness is shaped by uplifting others and ourselves with the least impact on the environment. On this journey we realise that continuous dedication, innovation and unconventional thinking are essential.

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Care about product

As a social enterprise, finding the right balance between the greater cause and a sustainable business model is the constant challenge that we embrace. By focusing on products that both look and feel good, we believe we can make a difference.


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