8x Shortlist Amsterdam

These days we mainly eat at home. Culinary journalists Famke & Floor van Praag turned this into a virtue though: part 3 of their award-winning cookbook series features 46 brand new vegetable recipes from Amsterdam top chefs, from restaurants De Kas and Toscanini to Entrepot and Scheepskameel. The dishes, but also the people and restaurants, have been beautifully portrayed by photographer duo Petrovsky & Ramone.

At the beginning of this month, the first 20 customers of Shortlist Amsterdam received 4 free Four Leaves napkins with the purchase of the cookbook and now it's our turn...

If you are one of the first 8 to order a duvet cover set, you get yourcopy of the bright green Shortlist Amsterdam (retail € 32.00) for free!

Add Shortlist Amsterdam to your order, temporarily you can find the cookbook here, and use code SHORTLIST at check-out.


Our second donation trip is coming! 

The video above is from last year

Coming weekend we will again try and brighten up the day (and night) for 10 Children’s Homes by donating sleeping bags and towels… thanks to you!

This time I can't be there myself, but you can follow the trip via Instagram. Nash, who has been arranging everything for us in Sri Lanka since last March, will travel to the inlands of the country and he will bring a cameraman along.

To be continued...

So many beautiful collaborations... 

… and we are proud to mention them! DOPPER, from those ocean saving bottles, recommended our towels on their list of sustainable gifts. This year we again skipped Black Friday completely, but we happily participated in GIVING TUESDAY and doubled our donation that weekend. Boutique hotel, restaurant and spa THE UNBOUND has become one of our favorite hang-outs and Four Leaves is now presented in their hotel and store. And yesterday we finished a photoshoot at that same location with NANA STUDIO, a new platform for mothers, focusing on diversity and real stories. 

With HOLISTIK, our friends from the very beginning, we have done a great collaboration with our scented candles, just like with VATTENFALL. And this quarter there was again a match with the sustainable mattresses from BEDZZZY.

Last but not least, if you allow yourself to already dream about beautiful long journeys… be sure to check out BEARLEADERS. This platform gave me the opportunity to share my tips for Sri Lanka and Part 1 has been published last week.  

We wish you strength and lots of love in the coming weeks!